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Eventful Few Days…

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Managed to get tickets to V with Bev – so in August we’ll be seeing the likes of Faithless, Kasabian, Paul Weller, Bloc Party, Keane, Editors, Groove Armada, We Are Scientists, Morning Runner, The Dead 60’s, The Go! Team, Hard-Fi, The Delays and Mew all in the space of two days! Bloody sweet!

On Saturday night I literally was a tramp… in seventies gear too. I don’t really want to talk about my embarassing experience, but lets just say God knows what the random passers by thought, seeing me asleep on a bench in Bournemouth dressed like a white Curtis Mayfield.

And then on Sunday during Roko 5-a-side football, my thoughts about people from West Howe were all but confirmed. Aside from the on and off pitch fracas, we all turned in a pretty woeful display – but it will be improved, although not at that venue!

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about the author

    This article was written by Sam Davis on July 3, 2006.
    Computing over a glass of Grenache Shiraz... again!
    Sam is the Editor of Blasted Thing. Contact Us

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